Debate in the News, part 1

Not all high school debate news is good news, as the following articles show. One is the original breaking story from 2015, the other the follow-up article this month.

Bronx Science teacher in child pornography case told students ‘You’re a big deal’

Ex-Bronx Science Teacher Pleads Guilty in Child Pornography Case

What’s not directly mentioned in the headlines, but is in the articles, is that the teacher in question was the debate coach.

Boundary transgressions matter. I lost my first high school coach, had my first opportunity to coach (helping a program replace a lost coach), and lost an assistant coach to boundary transgressions. I read stories like the ones above with great sadness – for the students (often minors) directly victimized, for the students who lose a coach with knowledge that’s often hard or impossible to replace, and for the coaches who will never again get to do something they loved because they couldn’t tell right from wrong.

Choices matter. One of the secrets to living well (however you define it) is to make good choices.




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