Topics – PF Dec ’16 Plan Colombia/Drug Policy

Public Forum Debate – 2016 Dec Topic Area: Federal Drug Policy

Resolved: The United States should end Plan Colombia.

Check both the Extemp Files and Extemp Backfiles for the Colombia folders – the former is 2016; the latter prior to 2016. Most of the recent information is on the peace process there, but there’s a link between the FARC and drugs. Also check the LD-Values folder for the Drugs subfolder for articles on the problem of drugs. (Plan Colombia is about cocaine, essentially.)

Then (2008):

Wasting Drug War Resources

And now (2016):

‘Plan Colombia’ – How Washington learned to love Latin American intervention again

Wikipedia’s Plan Colombia explanation.

U.S. Embassy page on the plan.

Amnesty International’s page on the plan.

The Colombia Politics (independent journalism) page

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) offers this 2000 U.S. State Department fact sheet on the program (for those interested in origins).

Plan Colombia – A Retrospective from the Summer 2012 issue of Americas Quarterly.

Plan Colombia – An Analysis of Effectiveness and Costs from the folks at Brookings (July 2016).

A decidedly left-of-center take on the issue can be found in CounterPunch’s recent article Plan Colombia, Permanent War, and the NO Vote. It links Plan Colombia and the recent peace plan vote.


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