PF Dec ’16 Plan Colombia/Drug Policy

Resolved: The United States should end Plan Colombia.

Of possible major impact to this topic is a new peace plan between the government of Colombia and the FARC, the rebel group with whom they’ve been in conflict for decades. A previous peace effort collapsed when the vote to approve it failed (just barely). The new one hopefully fixes some of the problems that led to the previous plan’s failure.

While the Pablo Escobar cartel days are long past, drug production still exists – and the FARC forces have, as have the Taliban in Afghanistan, used drug production and sales as a means to fund their insurgency. The argument may be that, with the FARC’s demise, there is no longer a reason to maintain Plan Colombia. Couple that with arguments that the plan is, and long has been, a failure, and you have a basis for a Pro case.

For the latest articles on the current peace plan, check the Colombia folder in the Extemp Files. (It was updated today.) Don’t forget that older articles may be found in the Extemp Backfiles.


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