PF Dec ’16 Plan Colombia/Drug Policy

Resolved: The United States should end Plan Colombia.

Check the Extemp Files for the Colombia folder. Since the last update, the government signed off on a new peace plan with FARC, with no plans to submit it to a popular vote this time. With FARC sidelined, hopefully permanently, how will that impact Colombia’s drug production? And with the biggest drug problem in America being opiates (a large percentage of which are prescription), is Colombia producing drugs that still have a significant impact on drug abuse here?

Don’t forget that older articles on Colombia may be found in the Extemp Backfiles. The LD-Values folder has a Drugs subfolder that may be of use in documenting our domestic drug problem.

Want a statement that Plan Colombia has been a good thing? Check out the 6th paragraph:

Rethink the War on Drugs, President Santos Says

He goes on to say that multiple approaches need to be considered in the War on Drugs in Latin America. The question I don’t know the answer to is what Plan Colombia looked like when it was begun, and how it has morphed in the years since. Would Santos’ call for other approaches simply constitute a continuing morphing of Plan Colombia, or a rejection of it in favor of something new? And if something new is proposed, what does that say about the War on Drubs in general? Does that indicate that t is worth continuing?



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