Colorado Rules

While this posting is mainly for my team, this information applies to anyone in Colorado.

The following link is for the CHSAA handbook governing speech and debate in Colorado. It’s long – 86 pages (down from 124 last year, when it covered Tournament and Festival rules) – and much of it is of interest only to coaches in the state. CHSAA rules govern only the district tournaments that qualify competitors for the state championship tournament, and for the state championship tournament. While they do not officially apply to invitational tournaments, those tournaments traditionally use the CHSAA ballots.The qualifying tournaments for Nationals (NSDA/NFL) are a whole different matter and this information does not apply to those tournaments.

(For my team: Colorado is divided into two levels – Tournament and Festival – with each having their own specific set of events offered. Broadly speaking, larger schools do Tournament events, and smaller schools do Festival events. Schools are allowed to ‘compete up’ – and we’re one of those. Our enrollment numbers put us in the Festival category, but we choose to compete as a Tournament school – in no small part to have the full range of debate events available to us.)

2016-17 CHSAA Speech Tournament Handbook

Note that this is the Tournament handbook; there is a separate Festival handbook.

The sample ballots and event descriptions start on PDF page 58:

Drama 58-59, Humor 60-61, Poetry 62-63, Duo 64-65, POI 66-67, O.O. 68-69, Informative 70-71, Extemp 72-73, NX 74-75, IX 76-77, PF 78-79, LD 80-81, CX 82-83.


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