On an Island Named for Ice, the Poets Are Just Getting Warmed Up

The link is included for the graphic in the article; the PDF version, minus the graphic, is in the Poetry folder (updated last night, through the end of November). I’ve enjoyed the Icelandic fiction I’ve read (Indridason takes up a bookshelf, and Ingolfsson is on my Kindle), which occasionally involves excerpts of often ancient texts, but I can’t say that I’ve read any modern Icelandic poetry.

I listen for pieces that might translate well into Poetry Interp pieces for competition, which is why the following NPR story caught my ear:

‘A Poem For Peter’ Recalls One Unforgettable ‘Snowy Day’

Doing a piece that’s a poem about a book – and one that judges and other competitors might remember fondly – is an interesting possibility. The social significance of the original book is noteworthy, too.



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