Poetry as Protest and Sanctuary: Jane Hirschfield’s Magnificent Poem Against the Silencing of Science and the Assault on Nature

If you like poetry (and literature in general), then you need to know about Maria Popova’s BrainPickings site/project. The link above is from her weekly (every Sunday morning) newsletter – “interestingness digest” in her words. I originally found out about it from an article about William Gibson (father of cyberpunk), in which he recommended it. Enjoy!

(Note the additional poetry-related links in the last paragraph of her post.)

While not current (I’m working on that), there are a number of new and interesting articles in the Poetry folder since I last posted a link to it last October.


Extemp Files update

Just after our state tournament (mid-March), reality reared its ugly head. While I was able to keep current with pulling articles, getting them filed was a different matter.

I’ve just run an update of the Extemp Files. If the file copy count is correct, there are 1000+ new articles for the last month; total count is 36,000+, going back to the beginning of 2016. I’ve concentrated on pulling the articles for the Extemp Files folder; the LD-Values and Government files have not been updated. I’m working on getting caught up, but it’ll take a while (which is why I went for the most important ones first).

Extemp Files instructions repost: The link takes you to a Dropbox folder; if a pop-over window saying something about setting up an account or logging in comes up, just close it.

The files are serious overkill – over 34,000 articles right now. There should be a way to copy or download individual articles when you find the ones you want in your files – try right-clicking the specific PDF file/article and selecting the ‘save link as’ option.

The four-digit numbers at the beginning of most of the file names (and the names of the sub-folders) are simply mm/yy codes so that you can tell how recent the article is at a glance.

Please don’t download the whole thing; it trips up my Dropbox limits and bad things happen that shut down access for others. If you need a full copy, let me know (see the About link for an email address) and I’ll make arrangements to get you a copy or share the folder (so that you get the updates as soon as I post them). Students who want to share the folder will need to have an OK from their coach – I don’t want to step on the toes of any coaches who prefer other methods of team research. (Several coaches already share the folder, if you’re a coach and are interested.) Specific topic subfolders can be shared as well.