LD J/F 2018 Plea Bargaining

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2018 January/February Topic

Resolved: Plea bargaining ought to be abolished in the United States criminal justice system.

We did this topic in January 2011 for PF; I still have the Plea Bargaining folder, and have added to it the two articles on the topic that have come out since the first of the year.

I heard some LD debates last Saturday, and the trend is predictable. Aff argues that plea bargains subvert justice; Neg argues that plea bargains are necessary for our criminal justice system to work at all – our judicial system couldn’t handle a full case load.

The big question, unanswered in the three debates I heard, is how countries that don’t use plea bargaining manage to make their systems work, One person hinted at Germany, but the point wasn’t pursued and details weren’t provided. If an Aff could show how things could/would work without plea bargaining, it would effectively refute most of the Neg cases I heard. (I don’t recall that anyone had this the last time we did this topic, either.)


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