High School Forensics spoken here, with a focus on the Public Speaking events.

This blog is meant to provide resources to high school students (and coaches) involved in competitive high school forensics (speech and debate). One of the lessons from decades of being a coach is that it’s easy for both new and experienced students to get caught up in often ineffective searches for appropriate resources.

In the old days, before computers and the Internet, there used to be newspaper clipping services that would physically cut out articles on certain topics and save them; as a former high school librarian we had the Vertical Files to do the same thing on topics teachers repeatedly assigned. I do what is essentially an electronic variant of that, providing a first-pass culling of articles to save students time, and to direct them to relevant material they might otherwise miss.

Lots of Extemp (FX and NX) due to a combination of my normal current events wanderings and support I provide to several area teams.

CX, LD and PF material will be posted as topics are announced, and as I find relevant articles and resources.

The Categories links on the right side of the page will get you to the posts for specific events.

My long-term goal is to put into writing information I’ve given as formal and impromptu lectures on how CX debate got to where it is today. As one of the few remaining dinosaurs who actually debated competitively in the old Need-Plan 10-5 format (10 minute constructives and 5 minute rebuttals, with no CX periods), with cases given at the beginning of the 2AC, I remember the old structures and rationales. They still matter, and I plan to explain why if/when time permits.

I can be reached at dinosaurdebate@gmail.com, and comments will also go to this address before appearing on the blog.


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