FX – Greece

Election results are in, but the economic challenges aren’t over.

Greek Voters Return Alexis Tsipras to Power

Syriza wins an emphatic victory in Greece and, with it, another chance

Alexis Tsipras’s Election Victory, and Greece’s Looming Challenges

Greece’s Leader Starts Big Economic Overhaul

Greece Unveils Tough Draft Budget for 2016

How the regular people cope and hope.

Trading Meat for Tires as Bartering Economy Grows in Greece

And the European F-word rears its ugly head again.

Tsimitakis – Greece’s Fascists Are Gaining


FX – Migrants


Take it from a Hungarian journalist: Orbán is playing a dangerous game

Shifting routes: Croatia still has border areas with left-over land mines.

Migrants Clash With Police in Hungary, as Others Enter Croatia

Migrants Seek New Routes Across Europe After Hungary Seals Border

Refugees face tear gas, water cannons as they cut new paths through Europe

At different ends of the journey: Greece and Denmark

Lesbos Turns From Vacation Island to ‘Main Point of Entry’ for Migrants

Haugbolle – Denmark Shouldn’t Say No to Refugees

EU rules explanation:

Explaining the Rules for Migrants – Schengen and the Dublin Regulation

Long-term projections and implications:

A Migration Juggernaut Is Headed for Europe

FX – Around the World

Guatemala: Election results. Is this the headline you were expecting?

Guatemala Comedian Wins First Round of Presidential Vote

Cuba: In pictures – photo gallery from The Atlantic.

A Year in Cuba

Russia and Ukraine: Kalb has the distinction of having made Nixon’s legendary Enemies List.

Kalb – Putin won his war in Ukraine

China: A lot of American businessmen lost a lot of investment money in Russia after it opened up, mostly because they mistakenly believed the ‘rule of law’ applied there. With the Chinese government calling the economic shots, can foreign businesses in China expect a fair deal?

A nationalist China unsettles foreign companies

Greece: More on their “What now?” choices. What does this article say about Greece’s chances for economic improvement?

Varoufakis – How Europe Crushed Greece

FX – Around the world

Latin America first…

Ecuador: Because you should have something on as many countries as possible in your Extemp files.

Pallares – Ecuador’s Political Eruption

Guatemala: WP and NYT with the latest development in their corruption scandal.

Guatemalan Congress clears way for arrest of president in corruption case

President Otto Pérez Molina Is Stripped of Immunity in Guatemala

Mexico: The Porter article I posted on immigration (today, NX) argued that push factors in Mexico are decreasing; would this article impact that conclusion?

Pessimism Pervades Mexico as Economic Promises Fall Short

Middle East next…

West Bank: The times they are a changin’ – and what that might look like.

In West Bank, Speculation Abounds Over Mahmoud Abbas’s Plans

Iran: At the end of the first article, notice the original headline that appeared in the print copy. What does it say about military-industrial complexes and institutional mindsets when the generals of both countries prefer the status quo to the pending deal?

US Remains the ‘Great Satan,’ Hard-Liners in Iran Say

A good potential FX question.

Burns – What Should Obama Do Next on Iran

Saudi Arabia: Friedman argues that the extremism we face in the region doesn’t have its roots in Iran, but in Saudi Arabia. (Iran is Shiite – ISIS, AlQaeda, and Nusra [Syria] are Sunni.) Should that change our relationship with them?

Friedman – Our Radical Islamic BFF, Saudi Arabia

Asia next…

India and Pakistan: As intractable as the Middle East?

Hanif – India and Pakistan’s Dialogue of the Deaf

Malaysia: Their scandal goes international. (Putin is reported to be worth $40 billion; by those standards $700 million is chump change. To me, though, that’s a lot of money to divert.)

Switzerland Investigates Fund Executives in Malaysian Corruption Case

China: More analysis of the economic issues there. Does the Chinese government have any more of an idea about how to handle their economy than Putin does about how to handle his?

The real reason to worry about China isn’t what you might think

And we end in Europe.

Greece: A good summary article on where things stand now.

A Bankrupt Greece Is Struggling to Stay Afloat

FX – Brazil, Greece and the EU, Great Britain

Brazil: Where one player in the scandals tries ‘the best defense is a good offense” move.

Expanding Web of Scandal in Brazil Threatens Further Upheaval

Greece: One rift closes as another opens.

In a Twist, Europe May Find Itself Relying on Success of Alexis Tsipras of Greece

Great Britain: Their version of interesting political candidates, and the effect that has on the party.

Malik – What Is Britain’s Labour Party For