FX – Middle East

Turkey: If it’s not a fair fight, will it be a fair vote?

Turkey Calls For New Elections Amid Fighting With Kurds, ISIS

Afghanistan: Speaking of elections…

Afghanistan’s Electoral Reform Plan Is Met With Skepticism

Iraq: Military and civil matters.

West – Why US generals don’t want advisers on the front lines in Iraq

Protests in Iraq Bring Fast Promises, but Slower Changes

Iraq and Syria: ISIS and the destruction of history; link to the original to preserve the map.

Map: There are 10 world heritage sites in Iraq and Syria. Nine are in danger

Iran: Dionne mentions one of the major ideas in Political Science – Realism. The second article is the one he refers to in his column, which describes it in more depth.

Dionne – Iran and the case for realism

Betts – Realism Is an Attitude, Not a Doctrine – The National Interest

Gaza: Interactions (or not) with Iran and Israel.

Iran’s post-sanctions windfall may not benefit Hamas

Faking Doctors’ Notes to Escape Gaza War Zone


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