FX – Afghanistan

The Taliban’s Kunduz offensive, and the aftermath.

A Taliban Prize, Won in a Few Hours After Years of Strategy

Taking Hold in Kunduz, Afghanistan, New Taliban Echoed the Old

For Afghans in Kunduz, Taliban Assault Is Just the Latest Affront

In this country, we talk about a figurative war on women; in Afghanistan there’s nothing figurative about it.

Taliban Waged a Calculated Campaign Against Women in Kunduz

Fear of Taliban Drives Women Out of Kunduz

An expanded reach.

Taliban’s New Leader Strengthens His Hold With Intrigue and Battlefield Victory

After Kunduz, Taliban is now targeting other Afghan cities

Afghan Taliban’s Reach Is Widest Since 2001, UN Says

Taliban Threats to Afghan Journalists Show Shift in Tactics

All politics is local/regional/global:

Afghan Plan to Expand Militia Raises Abuse Concerns

Ahmadi – Kunduz and the Many Failures in Afghanistan

Zakaria – The key to solving the puzzle of Afghanistan is Pakistan

Obama outlines plan to keep 5,500 troops in Afghanistan

I have to wonder about the Kunduz gambit – the Taliban left after something like 15 days, with, apparently, no small amount of loot. Was it just to prove they could (the new leader theory, playing to his internal audience), was it to get rid of certain activists (read: female), or was it part of a new and larger strategy?

And if things weren’t complicated enough…

Afghan ISIS Branch Makes Inroads in Battle Against Taliban

The Islamic State is making these Afghans long for the Taliban


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