CX – Venezuela

A friend is teaching overseas – in Venezuela, but fortunately not in Caracas. She sends these links (and her descriptions of them):

Caracas Chronicles: Excellent analysis and insight into political climate.

El Universal: Provides translations of Spanish news stories. Stories are brief, but informative.

I omit her personal comments about the situation there; this is a public forum, and I do not wish her words to cause her any problems. While nothing more than factual descriptions of what is going on, these are not rational times there and I do not want her words misconstrued and used against her. The stories found at the links above speak for themselves, and probably provide a more current take on the situation than can be found in the American press.


CX – Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela

Cuba – recent changes there.

Mexico – lessons from Colombia, and NAFTA‘s legacy (and the best article title in a while). Plus, the recent economic meeting there.

Venezuela – Jailing the opposition, and what others think.

The situation in Venezuela and the summit in Mexico, brief though it was, generated more articles than I’m posting here. You can find them in the CX folder, just updated

FX – What you should be reading

A most interesting week worldwide…

Ukraine – Fisher on competing stories there, and the chance for civil war. Or would partitioning the country be a better solution?

The problems in the Central African Republic. (Note the article source – would the fact that much of the trouble there has religious overtones bias an article from this source? Notice the disclaimer at the end of the article.)

China’s economic issues.

Egypt, and a division with implications for its future.

Counterterrorism advice from an unlikely source in Yemen.