FX/NX/PF – Extemp Files update

The Extemp Files were just updated, through yesterday’s articles (Nov. 12th); they had been updated the first week of November so that they were current through the end of October, though I hadn’t posted that.

PF: For the Refugee topic (November ’15), check the folders for the EU and the various countries the refugees are leaving from and traveling to. Don’t forget to check Australia – they have their own refugee/migrant issues, too. For the domestic angle, check the Immigration – US folder. One of the latest figures I saw (a NYT interactive feature, I think) mentioned 60 million people displaced worldwide – half of which were children. Does this make for a stronger Aff argument? For the Education topic (December ’15), check the Education folder; I know there were some testing articles in the latest update. I’ll post more on that later this month.

Extemp Files instructions repost: The link takes you to a Dropbox folder; if a pop-over window saying something about setting up an account or logging in comes up, just close it.

The files are serious overkill – over 10,000 articles since July. There should be a way to copy or download individual articles when you find the ones you want in your files – try right-clicking the specific PDF file/article and selecting the ‘save link as’ option. While this blog has some of the best articles posted, there may be others that you feel are worth having.

The four-digit numbers at the beginning of most of the file names (and the names of the sub-folders) are simply mm/yy codes so that you can tell how recent the article is at a glance.

Please don’t download the whole thing; it trips up my Dropbox limits and bad things happen that shut down access for others. If you need a full copy, let me know (see the About link for an email address) and I’ll make arrangements to get you a copy.


Topics – PF Dec 2015

2015 December PF Topic Area: Educational Testing
Resolved: On balance, standardized testing is beneficial to K-12 education in the United States.

Lots of resources on this one – just go to the Extemp Files link and look for the Education folder. I’ll post a more direct link after I run the update – there are a number of new articles on the subject to be added.