CX – Surveillance

WP and NYT takes on an important court case:

Federal appeals court weakens lawsuit against NSA’s bulk phone data collection

Setback for Suit Against NSA on Phone Data

Two things to note: First, the case was decided on a question of standing, not on merit. Second, changes are coming in November that will make the whole question academic.

How does the following article impact the debate on what is public/private?

Americans shouldn’t demand a ‘right to be forgotten’ online


NX – Health Care and Unions

Health Care first:

Emanuel – Why Republicans’ health-care plans are bad deals for Americans

Unions: NPR (Morning Edition and Here & Now) on the NLRB decision on franchises, plus implications.

NLRB Ruling Could Pave The Way For Fast-Food Unions

Ruling Gives Unions Leverage In Negotiations With Franchises

A Ruling With a Bonus for Fast-Food Workers – NLRB decision

Labor Board Ruling on Joint Employers Leaves Some Companies Scratching Their Heads

Do more work forces need to be unionized?

NX and FX – Immigration and Migrants

Keep this article in mind when you discuss the topic domestically or internationally:

Migrant or Refugee – There Is a Difference, With Legal Implications

NX: In CX plan terms, your plan need to have several planks – Mandate (what you’re going to do), Mechanism (how you’re going to do it), Funding (how you’re going to pay for it), and Enforcement (how you’re going to make sure it happens). Chris Christie offers us a mandate, which definitely leads to a mechanism question: Barcode everyone? RFID tags? (Attached how?) Ankle bracelets? (Superglue them on?)

Never mind the wall – Christie says foreign visitors should be tracked like FedEx packages

Chris Christie Proposes Tracking Immigrants the Way FedEx Tracks Packages

Historical background:

Rampell – America has always been hostile to immigrants

FX: Latest on the EU’s migrant mess, starting with an ongoing accounting of the crisis; newest posts appear first, oldest last, and it’s updated regularly.

Traveling in Europe’s River of Migrants

A new normal for EU borders:

Map: The walls Europe is building to keep people out

The stories that grabbed the headlines this past week, and a glimpse behind the curtains.

Migrant deaths on land and at sea strengthen calls for change in Europe

A glimpse of what it’s like for refugees transported in a small van

Smugglers who drove migrants to their deaths were part of a vast web

FX – China (with Zombies!)

Zombie Factories Stalk the Sputtering Chinese Economy

OK, so technically it’s factories. You do have to wonder, though, if the people at these places, combined with these people

How farmers from rural China bet on the stock market and lost

don’t add up to the economic Walking Dead. And, in true Zombie Apocalypse fashion, what happens when you turn to the government for accurate information?

Plunging Chinese Stock Market Was Barely Covered In China

Does the government blame their program, the one that created the zombies? Of course not! You blame one of the scientists!

China pins market plunge on financial journalist, airs ‘confession’

Trying to restructure the economy to avoid the apocalypse:

China’s Tricky Economic Transition: From Steel Mills To E-Commerce

And more on Tianjin:

Behind Tianjin Blast, High Price of Lax Rules

FX and NX – Terrorism

This article gets a post of its own.

The Lessons of Anwar al-Awlaki

It’s a complex article that discusses far more than the mystery (to many of us) of radicalization. We’re talking Al Qaeda here, not ISIS, and a case where we took out an American citizen on foreign soil with a drone strike – after he called for and assisted in efforts to kill other Americans. For those of you doing CX as well as Extemp, surveillance and its effects are also discussed, though I’m not sure that this has anything that could be used in a round.

FX – Asia

Thailand: From NPR.

In Thailand, Young People Push The Boundaries On Public Dissent


Burma’s half-hearted commitment to democracy

Myanmar Democracy Icon Finds Herself Assailed as Authoritarian

North Korea: WP and NYT reports, plus middle school annoyance games played by people with nukes.

North Korean leader says his nukes, not negotiation, avoided war

Kim Jong-un Says North’s ‘Military Muscle’ Made Korean Deal Possible

To Jar North, South Korea Used a Pop-Music Barrage

Malaysia: Two looks at discrimination. The second article provides more of the backstory to what’s going on there than anything else I’ve read so far. Plus, how it’s playing out with the public.

Tash Aw – Malaysia’s Welcome Wears Thin

Chin – The Costs of Malay Supremacy

Antigovernment Protesters Gather in Malaysia, Defying Police Orders

FX – Latin America

Cuba: From NPR.

White House Explores Ways To Do Business With Cuba


Guatemalan prosecutors urge president to resign amid scandal

Venezuela: Scapegoating?

Colombians Flee Venezuela’s Crackdown on Immigrants

In a Venezuelan Border Town, a State of Emergency Is Barely Perceptible

Brazil: Know what favelas are.

Rio’s Favelas Feel The Peace – And The Pressure – Of Pacification